About Us

This is where I get to tell you a little about us… well, here goes.

Me – I am the one who writes the blog (among other things), mothers the children and generally attempts to impose some sort of order on the chaos we live in. Sometimes I fail, but I am an eternal optimist and keep trying. Or should that be I’m an untrained pessimist…?

Motormouth – Motormouth was born in 2009 and has a question for every step he takes during the day. Considering he is an early bird (being awake at six am is late for him) and runs everywhere, this makes for an awful lot of questions. And some of them are really, really complicated. Why do we have two hands anyway?

Mini – Mini is the baby of the family, born in 2012. So far she has proven to be placid and happy, except when Motormouth’s hair comes within reach, in which case she is grabby and happy.

The Other Half – The Other Half, who makes an occasional appearance in the blog, acts as the centre of calm in the whirlpool of our life. (Calm unless he is at a heavy metal gig in which case, who knows?)

Asbo – a tuxedo cat with 4 white paws. He does a good impression of a furry shark when Mini is feeding. She is only just discovering the delights of gravity, which means he is discovering the delights as well. He is bigger and braver than his sister. He’s not quite as bright though.

Tika – a tabby/tortie female, she is small and timid. And smart. She likes sleeping under Motormouth’s bed. He doesn’t know this, which is probably why she still does it.


Recurring Characters

Nanny Nutjob – my mother and principal Spoiler-of-Motormouth-and-Mini-because-that’s-what-grandmas-do. She is very patient with all of us. And slightly mad, hence the name. She is forever grateful to The Other Half for the monicker. I think.

The Mad Professor – my brother who works with computers a lot in an I-can-design-the-inside-bits way. He is proof that weirdness runs in the family. He also struggles to remember his own birthday.

The Real Boss – my sister-in-law who is all I would wish to be – organised, energetic, stylishly dressed (well she co-ordinates much better than I do). If she wasn’t there the Mad Professor would probably forget to eat. And his birthday.

Cousin Bird – my niece and Motormouth and Mini’s older cousin. She loves horses, making things and organising. And writing stories. My kind of girl, she will probably rule the world one day (or at least part of it).

Grampy Grumpy – the Other Half’s dad who lives in the faraway land of America in the big city with the red golden bridge. He’s not that grumpy. Honestly.

Nana Nanaki – married to Grampy Grumpy for a very long time, she is patient and kind and patient. (I know, it’s there twice but she needs to be really patient with Grampy Grumpy). She’s another one who’s good at organising. Am I the only one in the family who’s not?


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