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Who’s Day Is It?

Motormouth and Mini... photobombed by the Other Half

Motormouth and Mini… photobombed by the Other Half

Well it had to happen.

What you ask?

A blog post about Mother’s Day of course. I’ll try and keep it short and sweet since you will have been inundated with soppy flowers and hearts about being the Best-Mum-in-the-World because, let’s face it, we’re all the Best-Mum-in-the-World to our children because we are exactly the parents they deserve.

Unfortunately, I think I’ve got exactly the children I deserve (karma you are a bitch), ones who are intent on keeping me awake and on my toes for at least 18 hours a day. Mind you, they have me which probably evens the scales, so I can’t complain really.

And I did have a pretty good day.

We met up with the Mad Professor, the Real Boss and Cousin Bird to treat Nanny Nutjob to a pub lunch at a place in Rochester we know well, the Crown. After a pleasant couple of hours (and much swapping of food amongst the younger attendees) we took a pleasant walk down Rochester High Street.

Somehow we ended up at the Guildhall Museum (for about the sixth time this year). I have a sneaking suspicion the decision had something to do with Motormouth.

And this time Mini (who has been doing pretty well at the learning-to-walk stuff) was big enough to go round.

Funnily enough she showed most interest in the things that Motormouth likes, namely the mammoth tusk, the wheelhouse and the mock up of the hulks (19th century prison ships that were the [anything but] luxurious accommodations for French prisoners of war).

I can understand the tusk, after all it’s basically a huge tooth and, since Mini has some new teeth coming through and the fact we all went to the dentist this week, teeth are probably on her mind a fair bit.

Turn to Starboard!

Turn to Starboard!

The wheelhouse has some obvious attractions – a full-size ship’s wheel to turn. She couldn’t see the video representation of the route the boat was taking as a result of her random spinning of the wheel, but so what.

Huge wheel. Spinning.

What’s not to like?

Full astern!

Full astern!

What more could she want? How about an engine order telegraph (yeah, I didn’t know what is was called until I looked it up either) which had a lovely brass lever she could pull. If she stood on her tiptoes and reached really high.

The mirrored walls in the hulk exhibit were particularly fascinating to our little narcissist who spent ages looking at her reflection, this time it was mainly pointing, she saved the snog for the mirror in the wheelhouse. I think because it was easier to get to.

I have been lucky and got loads of presents from the kids (some of them with the help of the Other Half).

I had

the smelliest nappy for several weeks from Mini (thank you sweetheart, that was a lovely surprise)
tea and toast and Marmite in bed and for once I didn’t have to fight the kids for it (yes, we are a Marmite family)
fewer bruises than usual thanks to Motormouth being remarkably restrained about his bouncing activities


Just like his father

Just like his father

chocolate ice cream all down the front of my T shirt from an enthusiastic Motormouth who wanted to give me a hug. I have to admit he did look quite fetching in his ice cream goatee. I think he was emulating his father, who has a real (and very scratchy) goatee of his own


No, you be the minotaur and I'll be the zombie.

No, you be the minotaur and I’ll be the zombie.

a headache from persuading Motormouth (and his cousin Bird) that he did need to stay at the table during the meal and that it wasn’t a good idea to go running round the pub with his mythical action figures making what he thought were realistic zombie and minotaur cries at the top of his voice


a hanging basket, which I’m not supposed to know about yet, since Motormouth has forgotten it’s hidden round the side of the house and he’s supposed to give it to me. It is very sweet though since it was entirely his own idea and be got The Other Half to take him shopping specially to buy it


Straight lines now!

Straight lines now!

and a ruler to keep in my pencil case for when I need to draw straight lines (which I need to do more often than you might think).

Nanny Nutjob told me she had a lovely time as well (though I think her enjoyment was influenced by the trip to the deli that does very, very nice cakes).

I know this week’s post is pretty picture-heavy but it was a picturesque kind of day.

I’ll try and cut down on the hyphens next time as well.

PS     I’ve updated the About Us page on the blog, just in case you want to know a little more about the Mad Professor and his family.